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kyla kristine bratty Stanton , United States

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About me

hey, im kyla. then only reason I have a gloggy thing is for this project at school. I am 15 years old, almost 16. I love dogs!


I wake up in the morning feeling like P-diddy. Grab my glasses m out the door. Im gunna hit this city. Before I leave, I brush me teeth with a bottle of jack. Cuz when I leave for the night I aint comin back. Im talking pedicure on my toes, trying on all


I love country/pop music! any other kind of music annoys me.. :)

Movies and TV:

I am a big movie fan. I love going to the theater with my friends, or just sitting at home chilling on my bed watching movies or TV on my flat screen tv!


The only sport I play is Golf. I really love it! I play on my school team. (we kick butt) and in the summer time I go golfing with my family.. :)


I am not really into art. I dont like to paint or draw. Sometimes I do like to be crafty and make things! (lol) I also love making posters, thats kinda art... :) and i like this site!


- I LOVE to text ( want my # just ask)
- I LOVE to talk on the phone.. :)
- I HATE school
- I am very outgoing
- I love to make people smile.. :)
- Im super friendly
- (im single, i need a boy..:) (tehe)


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